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Hotels of S'agapo Store

The marketplace for the hotel and travel industry

Dream away to new environments together with our members in the hotel industry. In these times, perhaps hemester is more accurate? Regardless, there are members who work in the industry here and are more than happy to show off their offers. It is also good to know that many companies in this industry always take great social responsibility by employing people with other cultures or backgrounds and a diversified workforce is seen as something strong. 

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Food at S'agapo Store

The marketplace for conscious entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry

Local restaurants near you. At S'agapo Store, we know that it is easy to become home blind and that you often go where you know what you are getting. This is why all members show you what they have on the menu, regardless of the focus on food. Fine dining or a home-made burger, the choice is yours!

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Partner of S'agapo Store

The company's best friend regarding finance, accounting, bookkeeping and more

As a new entrepreneur, this is perhaps the least priority, but within the EUSL Group's entrepreneurship program called Social Green House, it is strongly recommended that the first person you contact is an accounting economist or someone else with basic knowledge of finance, accounting, accounting and more. As a member of the European Social Label, all members also receive financial advice and the opportunity to network with other members who work in this area. In this marketplace, those who are not members can find the members who are very knowledgeable in this and get the help they need. 

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Grocery by S'agapo Store

We all have to eat to live. Choose to buy the milk from a trader who also cares about society.

The local grocery store. We all have one. Many people already take great social responsibility today by letting young people come and practice work, and people who study or are newcomers to Sweden are often employed. 

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IT by S'agapo Store

Find your new partner for collaborations on hardware, software, VPS services and the like

IT is a broad concept in today's society and within the EUSL Group and the S'agapo Store, it has been divided into two categories: IT and Web Design, which we thought deserved a separate category. IT in this case is everything that belongs to the digital, with the exception of websites and to some extent coding of, for example, apps. 

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Webdesign by S'agapo Store

Contact any of the EUSL Group members when you want a new website or app 

An idea or a company usually starts with a website and then maybe social media. When it's time for you to create a new website, be sure to hire a company that also takes care of social responsibility. What is social responsibility from a web designer's perspective? In addition to the actual membership of the European Social Label and contributions to the EUSL Foundation, it may be to have a website that works for those with visual impairment. Being able to produce such a website is not as simple as it might be and it also helps the buyer to get a website that more people can take part in. We believe that it is important to stand out among the competition and by choosing one of the members of the European Social Label that is to do something good, not only for oneself but also for someone else and not everyone can be proud of that!

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Construction and plumbing of S'agapo Store

Without heating, ventilation or sanitation, we would not have the high standard we have today. We have the plumbing companies to thank too much. On this page, you will find affiliated construction and plumbing companies that all want to help both you as a customer and society at large. 

It is being built and maintained in Sweden at a pace that it has been a long time since we saw. Here are all the companies that are affiliated with the European Social Label in the construction and plumbing industries. Everything from the pool construction to Attefallshuset, the rock heat or the dripping tap that keeps you awake at night, the members who are here solve your problems. 

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Law by S'agapo Store

Legally knowledgeable members in one place are ready to answer your questions

Work environment, employment contract, notice or dispute? Regardless, it is good to take the matter a turn with a knowledgeable lawyer as early as possible. In this marketplace are all companies that operate in law and are of course at your disposal!

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Bonjour by S'agapo Store

Brokers have large fees. It is only right that part of this goes to improving the society we all live in. Here you will find all brokers who are affiliated with the EUSL Group and who actively set aside a sum each month that goes into the EUSL Foundation.

Now you should not hack at brokers unnecessarily, but the fact is that the housing deal is for most people the single biggest deal they make in their lives. As a seller of a home, it is not uncommon for the broker to charge anywhere between two and five percent - if not more - or fixed fees of a five-figure amount. The point is that a housing deal is not something you do very often and it costs both buyers and sellers a lot both in money as well as time. Therefore, it may be reasonable to ask the question what do i get for my money before choosing who will have the honor of conveying my home. In this marketplace, there are only brokers who answer exactly that question. When it's time to sell, choose a broker who not only takes a large fee but also takes a large social responsibility!

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Route by S'agapo Store

Domestic services close to you

Do you need help with cleaning regularly or should you move? Maybe it's about a proper tidying up before a viewing of the home? Cutting shrubs or trees or a minor renovation at home? Or it is childcare or something else that falls within RUT or ROT. Then this is the department for you. Here, S'agapo Store has gathered all the country's members in these types of industries and as a consumer, you can get access to all members and a quote at the same time through just one contact. 

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Easy Move by S'agapo Store

A marketplace for affiliated members in the moving and haulage industry. RUT deductions are often applicable to these services! This service is one of the services in which the EUSL Group itself also carries out active activities.

It is heavy, sad and boring to move, most people think anyway. A lot has to be packed and you always have more than you think. Within this marketplace are all members who work in the moving industry and are of course certified with the right certificate, etc. Feel free to combine with companies from our RUT department, many times we can tailor a package solution for you that includes both moving and moving cleaning on only one invoice. 

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