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S'agapo Store - all about the inclusive marketing platform

The e-commerce platform for members of the European Social Label

S'agapo Store is the e-commerce platform that takes retailers to Europe on the same terms as for domestic business. Historically, it has been a difficult challenge for small and medium-sized companies to sell their products or services on the international market, where VAT, shipping and what happens if the customer does not pay. Until now, the solution has been to offer advance payment of the entire amount, but this in turn means that the customer may be reluctant to complete the transaction. At S'agapo Store this is solved 

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Sell at S'agapo Store

Show your customers that you are doing something more

Are you an entrepreneur and want to start selling at S'agapo Store? The benefits are many and it's easy to get started. All that is needed is to become a member of the European Social Label and then it's off. If there is already an online shop, the chances are high that there is also an API ready between it and the S'agapo Store.

Being a member of the European Social Label and selling at the S'agapo Store is more than a stance. Here, the surplus in the organization goes to the European Social Label Foundation, which in turn works for a more inclusive and equal society around your activities. The foundation's work also includes marketing of the members so that civil society can see who is involved and carries out the initiative. 

For those who want to give their company the opportunity to also increase their own turnover should consider becoming a member of the European Social Label. Selling at the S'agapo Store means that the seller gets access to the EU with the same conditions as if the customer had been domestically. This can be done through the Growthify service, which offers a complete factoring solution that includes invoice purchases, installments and leasing without recourse against you as a seller. S'agapo Store completely takes over your claim and it rarely costs more than if you had a domestic customer and used another service. 

The European Social Label and the S'agapo Store are driven by the idea-driven reasoning, where the effect goals of improving society take precedence over economic gain. The goal is to develop the members' brand and in the long term create an alternative to how integration and gender equality are financed and function. 

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Get paid at the S'agapo Store

It should not matter where in the world your customers are

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest challenges is finding a good payment solution. A good payment solution makes it easier for the customer to make the decisive decision whether it will be a deal or not. Domestically, it is rarely a problem with several more or less large players who together with the seller can offer everything from direct payment to 14/30/60 days interest-free, installment payment or any other alternative, but what happens if buyers and sellers are in different countries? Although the EU was created with the aim of allowing people, trade and capital to move freely between member states, it is still difficult and above all risky for a seller to offer overly generous payment solution options to an international customer. What happens if a customer does not pay, how reminders and debt collection services work and perhaps most importantly; What does it cost? Many questions that all too often go unanswered.

For this reason, the EUSL Group created Growthify. Growthify is under development and will be a unique payment solution for members who do not want to make a difference between national and international customers. The service is based on the same theory that other players use, but the focus here is international trade. Within the EUSL Group, we are convinced that, for example, in the Öresund region, many transactions, mainly between companies, are lost due to the inability to offer a sensible payment solution. It may be a Danish customer who has found the perfect web agency in Sweden, but the whole deal stops because the cost is too high. Instead, you want several sub-goals and a subscription design for the maintenance of the ordered service.

Here, the member of the EUSL Group can turn to Growthify and create their payment solution that the customer accepts. The seller is paid directly or according to various parameters and then dares to move on to production. Growthify takes all risks and acts completely without recourse against the seller. Should any payment problems arise, Growthify will take care of the entire process without involving the seller.  

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ECSR Group

Service-based companies for a more inclusive society

Most market platforms that exist today sell exclusively products, that is, things you can touch. It is more difficult to find platforms for services, it can be a digital production such as a website or finding the company that performs moving cleaning or something else. For this reason, the EUSL Group, which includes the S'agapo Store, has chosen to create the ECSR Group, which is a further development of the S'agapo Store and its product sales and which largely focuses on services. The services are divided into categories and as the European Social Label grows in membership, the ECSR Group will also grow in industry orientations. The EUSL Group is still behind the ECSR Group, but the single biggest difference is that the ECSR Group is profit-driven, while the EUSL Group is primarily driven by the idea-driven idea.

We call it two sides of the same coin and build our two concepts, RoomsWithoutanAppointment and RoomsWithanAppointment, where the common goal is to bring the private and the idea-driven sector closer together to solve Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges. For this to succeed, it is not a matter of reducing consumption - this is something the EUSL Group does not consider possible - but rather it is a matter of consuming smarter. When you as a consumer choose to shop on one of S'agapo Store's different platforms, you know that you are doing something good. As a consumer, you are involved in creating jobs and you are also involved and contribute to a better society as part of the turnover that is created goes into the EUSL Group's foundation EUSL Foundation. The foundation works through social initiatives in society, which are initiatives that the members of the EUSL Group are involved in defining. As a consumer, you can therefore actively choose to shop at an entrepreneur who is involved and supports the local association life, helps with work training for people on sick leave or something else that is beneficial to society as a whole. 

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EUSL Group

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EUSL Foundation

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Do you want to sell on the S'agapo Store, advertise on our vacancy platform, become a member or something else? Do not hesitate to contact us. Either via the form, via the email address or the telephone number available if you tap the green arrow at the top center of the screen or via the Messenger icon at the bottom left of the screen. We look forward to hearing from you!

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