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S'agapo Store Inclusive shopping for everyone

The market platform for conscious retailers and consumers

Part of the EUSL Group
Care to Change the World

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S'agapo Store Introduction

S'agapo Store is the marketing platform for conscious wholesalers, retailers and consumers, for those who want to make active choices and be part of changing the world. Conscious shopping is trendy and we are all consumers in some way and when we consume we can try to do it as well as possible. At the S'agapo Store, there are only socially conscious sellers who want to take responsibility in society. This is done through a membership in the European cooperative organization European Social Label which works to solve Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges, defined down to one person who is unemployed for 30 days. 

When a consumer chooses to shop with one of the members, they help to create a better society for someone else. All surplus that is generated goes straight into the European Social Label Foundation, which the members then request in the form of social contributions in society. S'agapo Store is the most visible tool for members of the European Social Label and for consumers it is possible to shop directly from them but also look for work. 

One of several goals for the European Social Label and S'agapo Store is for companies to become attractive by being visible and present on this e-commerce platform. This means that the platform will generate income for the members but also that more people will want to work with them because they are serious and talented companies with their heart in the right place. 

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S'agapo Store - Service Department

A marketplace of marketplaces. Here, members of the European Social Label sell their products and services together for a more inclusive and equal society.

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Stores at the S'agapo Store

Products sold here come from entrepreneurs who care about a better society

The core business of the S'agapo Store. Here are all the members of the European Social Label who want to sell their products and services. The platform is industry-independent so the range can be wide. Here, all customers are offered the opportunity to pay by credit card, direct transfer, invoice or installment. 

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Jobs at S'agapo Store

Members of the European Social Label may be looking for you

Are you looking for work, maybe for the first time or again? At the S'agapo Store, all our members can advertise for new stars to hire for free and there is a good chance of finding a job. All members know how difficult it can be to enter working life if it is the first time or if there has been a gap for some reason and here no one is judging someone because of language, functional variations, if you have a hole in his CV or something else. If you are a jobseeker, it is recommended that you register so that you can contact our members yourself and see if they need your specific skills. The European Social Label wants members to have the chance to show how good they are at social inclusion, diversity and gender equality, and ultimately jobseekers want to work for their members before other companies that cannot show the same social responsibility. 

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Contact Us

Do you want to sell on the S'agapo Store, advertise on our vacancy platform, become a member or something else? Do not hesitate to contact us. Either via the form, via the email address or the telephone number available if you tap the green arrow at the top center of the screen or via the Messenger icon at the bottom left of the screen. We look forward to hearing from you!

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